Transparency Initiative

Thiidin (ที่ดิน) translated in Thai means Land, meaning the majority of our products are made from the natural environments our artisan workers live amongst. We try our best to source on Natural, Organic and handmade homeware and more. 

At Thiidin we love to showcase our artisan makers, we say no to mass manufacturing and yes to slow production!  With our Transparency Initiative, you can find out all about our Organic loose leaf tea, ethical home decor and handmade bags. All handcrafted by our artisan makers and using their unique craftsmanship passed down through the generations.

 Organic Loose leaf tea

 Organic Loose Leaf Tea  

We’ve source these unique blends of organic loose leaf tea from an little tea garden situated in Northern Thailand, Chaing Mai. The location of the tea garden is at a 520m elevation covering a total of 11 acres. Our tea garden is one of the first tea gardens in Thailand to be both USDA and EU Organic Certified.

The story behind the tea gardens is that is was left undisturbed and untouched for 15 year until 2014, the tea garden was taken over by it’s new owner where they promised to keep it chemical and pesticide free! The little tea garden is now thriving again producing unique organic loose leaf tea.

Our favourites are the Butterfly Pea with Lemongrass, Hand Roasted Green Tea and of course the Thai tea

Handmade Artisan Runner Rugs

 Handwoven Runner Rugs   

These beautiful vibrant runner rugs are part of our Made In Bhutan collection, perfect to uplift any room in the house! These handwoven runner rugs are naturally dyed and woven in the hills of Bhutan in Chumey, Bumthang.

Woven using what is known locally as Yathra, using a blend of free-range sheep and yak wool, (the farmers shear the sheep and yaks throughout the year). Once sheared the wool is dyed by dipping it into a blend using plant and tree bark to bring out a fantastic range of colours. Once the yarns are ready the weavers, hand loom all these unique patterned runner rugs.

 handmade bamboo home decor

Handmade Bamboo Home Decor 

Our beautiful hand crafted coasters and matching napkin rings, are made using the ancient technique of 'coiled bamboo' in Northern Thailand, Chaing Mai. Available in 3 different colours each coaster and napkin ring have been careful handcrafted making them the perfect conversation starter at any dinner party. 

Unique Bamboo Storage Baskets

Handwoven Storage Bamboo Baskets 

Store your belongings in style with this gorgeous Bamboo Storage Baskets. These fun, bright and practical Storage Bamboo Baskets are hand woven in Bhutan by the ' Khengs'. The Khengs, reside in the eastern part of Bhutan, and are known for their hand weaving skills which are passed down through generations.

All the bamboo storage baskets are made using natural resources and naturally dyed using vegetables and other natural origins. 

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