Our Social Mission

Thiidin supports and celebrates the unseen artisan makers of South East Asia. Our unique ethical home ware and handbags are handmade using local resources and traditional methods and tools, past down from generation to generation. Oriental Organic hopes to keep these skills alive by bring you the very best from our South East Asian Artisan makers.

Thiidin ( ที่ดิน) translated to Thai means Land, meaning the majority of our products are made from the natural environments our artisan workers like amongst. We try our best to source on Natural, Organic and handmade homeware and more. 

We say no to mass manufacturing and yes to slow production! At Thiidin we believe in cultural sustainability ‘acknowledging the sustainability that is culturally embedded within traditional craftsmanship by supporting knowledge transfer to future generations’. We are conscious of supporting our artisan makers and maintaining their traditional craftsmanship.

Handmade artisan homeware

Transparency is key at Thiidin and a huge part of our ethos, that’s why we make sure you know exactly where every piece in our ethical collections is made, not only that we have our ‘Made In’ collections making us even more transparent!

You can learn more about our collections from at our new 'Transparency Initiative ' and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or Tiktok for 10% off your next order.