The Renuka ~ Striped Handwoven Runner Rug

This hand woven runner rug is perfect as a hallway runner rug or kitchen runner rug, it’s exciting mutli-gometric design will be a talking point for any home. This beautiful long runner rug has unique stripes filled with varying diamond prints with bright yet subtle hues.

Made from a wool blend of yak's wool and sheep's wool, the yarn is naturally dyed and hand prepared ready for the hand loom, where each rug is completely handwoven and unique for your home.

  • Handwoven in Bhutan
  • One of a kind authentic runner rug 
  • Naturally dyed 
  • Unique jacquard design

Due to the natural fibres and looming techniques there may be a chance of small discrepancies but that just adds to the authenticity of each handwoven runner rug. 

Width x Length 56.4x346cm

We recommend hand washing with cold water.

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